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Providing Qualitative Research Services - Nationwide

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Elite Market Research currently needs men and women between 40 and 75 year of age to participate in a 45 minute telephone interview. Interview will be held any time before 7/25/2017 from 9am ET to 6pm ET. All qualifying participants will receive $100 for their time....

If you have been diagnosed with a NONCANCEROUS SKIN CONDITION and are a resident in the United States you could qualify to participate. To see if you are a good fit for this research study click on the link, fill out the questionaire and submit it.

You will receive a call from a represeentative for scheduling. You must complete the questionnaire in order to be considered and receive a call.

Thank you for your interest.

Terriann Wells, Project Manager

$150 IN HOME   Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Research

We are currently conducting a study on health. This market research is being sponsored by a pharmaceutical company. In the research, we would like to visit you at your home and have a conversation with you for about 90 minutes. 

Caretakers and family are welcome to be there for the interview. We want everyone to be completely comfortable. You will receive $150 as a token of our appreciation for allowing us into your home and sharing with us your experiences living with NHL.

To participate click on the link below, answer the questions and submit them. You will receive a call from a scheduler with more imformation and of course for scheduling. Thank you for your time.

Elite Market Research Team - Nationwide

P. L. Parker, Project Manager

CALL (800) 737-5390 x 51


Elite Market Research Team is currently scheduling men and women 21 to 74 years old to participate in an all day event that will pay them $225 and $40 for gas depending on the county you live in.

There will also be a $50 Early Bird Drawing for those that arrive and are signed in by 7:40 am.

If you are interested please COPY the link into a browser, answer the questions and submit them. A representative will contact you for scheduling. Thank you.

Elite Market Research Team
Ms. Marshia Dodds, Owner/Director
CALL 800-737-5390 x 51

$100 Mobile Applications Research Study 30 Minutes

Elite Market Research has a 30 minute online session regarding Mobile Apps. You will receive $100 for your time. If interested COPY & PASTE  the link below into your browser, select enter, answer the questions and submit them. We will contact you for rescreening and scheduling. Thank you.

Elite Market Research Team - Nationwide
Marshia Hamilton, Owner/Director
CALL 800-737-5390 X 51
Brittany Lewis, Scheduler

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