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What is Market Research?

It is any activity aimed at understanding the behavior of consumers in a certain market.

Market research is series of actions of the systematic collection of data, about a particular target market,

competitors, customers, market trends, etc.  

The aim of market research is to obtain an in-depth understanding of 

the particular subject. Market Research always involves some configuration of data collection - either Secondary

Research (sometimes called desk, document or investigative research) or direct from the consumer - fieldwork.

Market Research is either quantitative, qualitative, or a combination of both. Qualitative and quantitative market 


Types of qualitative market research methodologies 

Market Research Depth Interviews                                                                                                                         
 A respondent is interviewed based on various themes and topics (can be conducted either face to face or via
the phone).

Market Research Paired Depths
The same as a depth interview but there are two respondents. Particularly useful when ideas need to be 'bounced 
off' one another.      


Conducted with three respondents.

Market Research Mini-Groups
Contains 4-5 respondents.

Group Discussions or Focus Groups. Normally contain 8+ respondents. With groups you benefit from the interaction between the different personalities.

Ethnography Research involving observation of and interactions with the people being studied in their own environment,  (usually their home) often for a long period of time. (Hours)

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